Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Success

In today’s article, we are going to talk about a few real estate marketing ideas to get you going in the right direction in building a successful business. First off it is very important that you have a website that you will use to capture your leads. Days of cold calling are long gone, so start getting your leads to call you.

Online Real Estate Marketing Ideas that Work

Set 1 day a week aside to work on your marketing. You need to be fully engaged when doing this and not be distracted while trying to sort out other tasks. You will not be focused and your marketing attempts will fail at the first attempt. Choose the one day of the week that is not the busiest for you and use this to build up your marketing.

As you go along, you will find that your marketing content will start to grow and you will have reached a larger target audience. Start off by researching in the area that you operate. Write up a report of what will entice your visitors to want to leave their contact details. For example, How to Sell Your Home Fast or Get Listings in Your Area First. Those that visit your site looking for information will most likely leave their details in return for the information that you are giving.

Once you have your area and content setup, then move out to other areas so that you can cover a larger target audience. Do not forget to insert a Registration Form on your webpage that you are using for your marketing to capture your leads.

Below is an example of a lead capture page made with eRealting™.

real estate marketing ideas websiteOnce you have your page setup, its time to start driving traffic to your website and to grab these visitors. A fantastic place to start is Craigslist. With more than 500, 000 visits per day, Craigslist is a great source to get traffic from and will not break your wallet by any means as it is free to post. You will however need to be on top of your listings as they can drop from the top within an hour. None the less with a little maintenance, you can get your prospects from here.

The most effective way to get visitors to click through to your website from your listing, is to create a very appealing and attractive post. Many make the mistake of just using text and the default image uploaded. This does not give your listing any reason to click through. Craigslist allows HTML with which you can use to create a link and also ad images into the listing.

Craigslist Free Home Evaluation Listing example made with eRealting™.

real estate marketing ideas listing

These listings are tailor made to the area and offering a free home evaluation. This targets sellers looking for ways to get the best price out of their homes and you can help them with that when they leave you their contact details.

Start with Craigslist and build it out for many areas. You will be amazed at the amount of leads that you will receive. eRealting™ does this all for you. You will have your own lead capture websites and campaign setup whereby you can build these listings without any knowledge of HTML. You leads will be added to your own CRM system within eRealting™ where you can keep in contact and schedule calls.

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Pinterest is another excellent source to get traffic to your webpages. Add an attractive image of one of your listings with a short description about the report that you offering and add the web address (URL/Link) to your page in the description.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Success