Leads For Real Estate at 15.1 % Optin Conversion

One of our newest members who has been using eRealting™ for  a little over a week has achieve an amazing 15.1 % optin conversion rate. This is exceptional and goes to show that when you do online marketing correctly, you will get results like this.

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8 Leads in 53 visit is a very healthy return and now our member who is operating in Arlington, Texas, has new contacts to speak about the information that they were searching online for. This is why we say not to buy leads, but to get your own. The leads that you acquire through eRealting™ are warm leads. They are searching for specific information. They want right then and there. You will be able to provide them such information and in return you get their contact details.

eRealting™ is a tool for you to communicate with your newly acquired lead. You will be able to tag then according to what they are looking for. This way you can organize your leads. You can set notes and reminders if you are calling them today or within the next seven days.

Don’t waste any more time in buying leads or your budget on old methods that do not work in today’s times. People are want information that is accessible, so why not give it to them. Visit our How To Get Started page and start building your business for success!

Leads For Real Estate at 15.1 % Optin Conversion