eRealting™ Launches Leads for Real Estate System

leads for real estateDerek and I are proud to announce the launch of eRealting™ Lead Systems. After 14 months of development and testing with 5 Real Estate brokers, whom have had tremendous success with our system, it is now time to release to real estate brokers across North America.

We have written a press release discussing what eRealting™ is about which you can read more about here.

It is critical for brokers to get their own good, quality leads that they can turn into potential clients. Leads that are purchased, have been recycled and over used and will not render any positive results.

With eRealting™, you will be able to set up campaigns and pinpoint your exact target audience resulting in top quality leads that are in the market for what you are offering.

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eRealting™ Launches Leads for Real Estate System