Biggest Mistake Real Estate Agents Make

The easiest option that Real Estate Agents choose when acquiring leads is to buy them. This is also the number one reason why many fail because their leads are unresponsive. Buying leads from a list broker seems like a great idea at first because its a set price for a certain number and great you have a list with names and phone numbers.

Do you think that you are the only Real Estate Agent that is buying these leads? How long has this list been in circulation?

The BIGGEST problem with buying these lists is that they have been recycled through many list brokers. You will find that 50% of the list are duds and do not exists and the other 50% have absolute no interest in buyer or selling houses. Worst of all is that you will be wasting many hours sorting through the list and cold calling each contact that you have.

Many give up after the first handful of non responsive leads and get no return on their investment.

Be In Control

Wouldn’t you prefer leads that contact you? That is right no cold calling!

There are hundreds and thousands of users online researching information and by being in front of them and giving them the answer to what they are looking for makes them a more effective, warmer lead. They are already engaged in the “searching for a solution process” and looking for answers. These users are already pre-qualified prospects when they visit your website. Once they leave their contact details you have a lead that is warmed up and ready to take the next step and speak to someone who can help them with what they were searching for.

You are in control because you have an idea of the situation and will be well prepared. You will WANT to call them!

These leads are coming to you looking for information, you are not chasing them.



Biggest Mistake Real Estate Agents Make