Who We Are

eRealting™ founders Derek Gatehouse and Robby Ramos began working together in 2009, when they were hired to lead a team of 6 super-sharp Internet marketers to do lead generation for a Financial Services firm. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Internet marketing is a really precarious mix of a whole bunch of activities that all must be executed exactly right, or else it plain old doesn’t work…

Well, with backgrounds between them that range from old-school sales to advanced conversion tactics, it has been said that Derek and Robby’s talents combine to make one perfect marketing machine.

And so, after creating Internet lead-generation systems in a ton of different industries, our fearless leaders saw the overwhelming need in the Real Estate market and, after a 14 month test that flooded 5 agents in 5 different regions with a whack of new leads, eRealting™ made its proprietary lead generation system available to real estate agents all over North America.

eRealting™’s head office and staff are located in beautiful Montreal, Canada.  We currently serve all States and Provinces in the US and Canada.